We believe that sustainable excellence is always a group effort. So we collaborate with you to develop engaging, effective, immersive and inclusive digital and blended learning and training programs that are customized for educational institutions and corporates. 


We combine UX, UI and Instructional Design principles to build curriculum and training programs.

Comprehensive curriculum design for schools & universities

Corporate training programs

Our process

Instrumental Design - Accuracy


Teacher-led learning resources

Empower your teachers with high-quality learning resources, such as lesson plans, reusable templates, presentation decks, animated videos, group activities, adapted course content, so that they can focus on being facilitators rather than content creators.


– Standardised learning resources that teachers use across the grades

– Learning resources aligned to government-mandated guidelines for curriculum and   assessment

– Learning resources that are child-centric, engaging, effective and culturally inclusive

Self-paced, video-based e-learning

Empower your students to learn at their own pace, anytime and anywhere, while retaining more information in their long-term memory.


– Home-schooling during school closures under emergency situations, like lockdowns and adverse weather conditions

– Self-paced learning for slow learners or students with special needs

– Self-learning for revisions before exams or before attending a class


Teacher training program

Bolster the skills and confidence of your teachers to teach in a blended environment. This can be a self-paced digital program or a physical/virtual presenter-led workshop. 


– Training on different learning styles and active learning techniques that are fit for a globalized, inclusive classroom

– Training on ways to create classroom learning digital resources using learning design techniques such as semantic chunking, simple-child-centric design practices, Bloom’s Taxonomy and Cognitive Load Theory

– Training on effective classroom management and teaching in an inclusive classroom environment 


enabling users by empowering them with knowledge

We create a host of helpful job aids that facilitate the use of our products. These job aids can be used as references for synchronous and asynchronous study, thus promoting a continuous learning environment. Our reusable formats can help you ensure that a standardized approach is employed across your learning programs.

Job aids we create to support our products

Reusable templates

Presentation decks

Interactive PDFs, handouts

Knowledge scenarios

Scenarios for systems and process training

Demo videos & virtual tour videos

Quizzes, assessment questions

Infographics for visual storytelling

Animation videos

Curriculum maps

Instruction user manuals

Physical artefacts