We believe that sustainable excellence is always a group effort. So we collaborate with you to develop engaging, effective, immersive and inclusive digital and blended learning and training programs that are customized for educational institutions and corporates. 


We combine UX, UI and Instructional Design principles to build curriculum and training programs.

Comprehensive curriculum design for schools & universities

Corporate training programs

Our process

Instrumental Design - Accuracy

Our products

Text-based micro-learning modules

Video-based learning modules

Scenario-based learning modules

Simulations for systems & process training

Scaffolded assessments & learner checks

Feedback surveys & insights reports

enabling users by empowering them with knowledge

We create a host of helpful job aids that facilitate the use of our products. These job aids can be used as references for synchronous and asynchronous study, thus promoting a continuous learning environment. Our reusable formats can help you ensure that a standardized approach is employed across your learning programs.

Job aids we create to support our products

Reusable templates

Presentation decks

Interactive PDFs, handouts

Knowledge scenarios

Scenarios for systems and process training

Demo videos & virtual tour videos

Quizzes, assessment questions

Infographics for visual storytelling

Animation videos

Curriculum maps

Instruction user manuals

Physical artefacts